Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Benghazi attack

Let me start by saying, I am not a US voter. So, trust me when I say I am trying to be truly objective here. But the Benghazi attack and the following handling by the administration and the media coverage has left me shocked. Two points of contention 1) Everyone is blaming Romney for politicizing the issue. Didn't Obama start with trying to politicize the neutralization of Osama-bin-laden. Even recently, the Obama camp was seen using "Bin-laden is dead" as its campaign slogan. And the Obama camp is accusing team Romney as jumping the gun in their response to events unfolding in Libya. Isn't it equally true then that the president and his administration jumped the gun in pointing fingers at a obscure video? Vulgar and pathetic? Yes. But obscure. They claimed it was the riots caused by the video, not once but many many times. I am surprised how they now talk of waiting for the investigation to conclude. And I am equally surprised that neither Romney nor the media has asked an explanation on how and why they issued a statement blaming the video in the first place before they had all the facts. 2) If there are more people dead since the Libya incident around the world due to "jihadi" Islamist, the blame and responsibilities lies with the Obama administration for making it immensely popular. Not only did they make it "ok" to protest violently, they also apologized for forcing the jihadist's hands. I am not certain why the Republicans are not digging deeper into this.


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