Thursday, May 13, 2010

India's exit from ICC World T20 - No laughing matter

Those of you following India's exit from the recent ICC World Twenty20 championship woke up to a bunch of lame excuses from Captain Cool. Its a game and we win some and lose some. But the most interesting fact that hit me is this: The person who is most upset at the turn of events is ...... Gary Kirsten. No, seriously. I know his job depends on it. But so does the careers of other players. I get the feeling Jadeja is going to be forgotten for some time to come. So, compare Kirsten's indignation regarding the team's performance vs. the "what do I care" attitude of Yuvraj Singh. The players play so much of cricket nowadays that winning some and losing some does not seem to make a difference anymore. The hunger is just not there. Our bowlers are just inept. Contrast the swinging screaming yorkers that Malinga bowled to the juicy full toss, half volleys from both our pacers and spinners alike. The ignorant would probably call it match fixing. Those in the know would probably identify ineptness. Do we have an option? I would love for India to have the consistency of Australia, the passion of Pakistan and the heart of Zimbabwe/Bangladesh. The supposed minnows come to every competitions with the belief they can be one of the top contenders and in many instances, kicked out some of the "established" names. Their self-belief and the efforts they put in to get where they believe they belong is phenomenal. I just hope Dhoni and team take heart from those minnows and come back strongly from their dismal performance.