Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kalmadi & Dementia

Hope I am not being insensitive to people suffering from Dementia. My grandmother has it and it is very challenging for people who take care of her. But here is the deal: Kalmadi has been diagnosed with dementia. His symptoms coincided with the trail reaching a critical phase in the CWG scam. I wouldn't be surprised if Kalmadi sets a record with his rapid rate of descent into absolute dementia. Pity, "truth serum" is not a standard way to extract information from suspects. I wonder when would these loopholes be plugged in our legal system.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blasts in Mumbai again

I do not think we have to wait for a few days before the government blames the invisible terrorists while giving a clean chit to our "friendly" neighbor.
I can see the official statement now: "Terrorists opposed to the peace initiatives between India and Pakistan have attempted to sabotage the peace process. We will not let them succeed by giving knee-jerk reactions.". Well, tell that to the survivors of the blast or relatives of the folks who did not. Our reaction would be to officially sulk for a few weeks, talk of reviving the peace process and reach out to the neighbor. What else can we do? Height of helplessness. Life will be back to normal in mumbai tomorrow. It always does.. resilience or insensitivity?


Lavasa integrated town back on track

Cabinet reshuffle and the purported promotion of Jairam Ramesh. It is a matter of time before his "embargo" on Lavasa is slowly reversed or exemption granted. Coalition politics and much deeper malice?