Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Clamor for Winners - Indian politics (Kejriwal et al)

"Nothing succeeds likes success". Let me make a small change here. "Nothing succeeds like the hint of success". A month back media that was calling Kejriwal names like "spoil sport", "amateur" and similar, now seems to be talking about him taking on the congress and BJP at a national scale. Yes, I believe both the parties are corrupt but no, I am not enamored by Kejriwal yet. The reason for that is Kerjriwal (and AAP) has not proven that they are really above corruption yet, nor have they proven that they can govern. A totally honest government but that cannot move forward is useless and detrimental as well. One of the honest ministers (think defense) is also accused of inaction as he is always stuck in the paralysis of analysis and heavy process for any procurement. This is to ensure no one can point a finger to him. So while AAP and Kejriwal are making the right noises, I will reserve my whole hearted support to a later day when they prove they are honest AND can govern efficiently. In the meanwhile, I hope they can guard against making small compromises, which usually become a slippery slope into corruption. Allot a pump to the brother of an MLA or granting land to the wife of a minister, thats how it usually starts. Finding one honest person is tough, not to mention the grand ambitions the party seems to have arrived at for the country. Call me cynical, but a lot of parties arrived on a statewide scale deriding the corruption and dynasty politics of Congress but have ended up being more or less the same after getting into power.

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